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Marriage is the desired condition for any woman

Published February 4, 2012 by Ashley

I think that maybe when a simple question regarding a twenty dollar knee brace turns into a fight, there is a problem. I think that maybe this is even worse when one of you is at work and the other is attempting to write an essay. I think that maybe the worst sign of all is when one of you is encouraged to go outside and throw things.

Forest Gump was right. Sometimes there just aren’t enough fucking rocks. And sometimes the rocks you do find come¬†perilously¬†close to missing the tree you are aiming at and hitting a neighbor’s house instead. Sometimes, this potential civil suit combined with the knowledge that your indoor cat has jumped the fence again, requires the use of a sturdy tree branch. Sometimes, you just have to beat the shit out of that fucking tree. Sometimes, trees have to be shown who is boss.

And sometimes, your meds aren’t strong enough.